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In recent years I started to experiment with small Paper-mâché items. Paper-mâché is surprisingly strong and seems to be quite a versatile medium.

The pieces are, strictly speaking, mixed media, as they have a wire frame, a wooden base, glass eyes and I am not averse to using Polifilla, Plastic Padding, Epoxy putty, etc. when I feel it is needed, but basically the pieces are Paper-mâché!

Paper-mâché is a bit of a mixed media already, as the term Paper-mâché (chewed paper) should really mean the "Paste" made from pulped paper, but the term is also used to refer to the "laminated" layed paper method. I use both types, I start with an armature made of card (with wire added for strength where needed) over which I will laminate a "skin" of layered paper, and then refine this by either cutting sections off  and/or repositioning  (this is the advantage of a cardboard armature) or  adding Paper-mâché  "paste" (either home-made or ready-made comercial Paper-mâché powder to which you add water.) where needed.  Other "fillers" will be used when I feel  there is a requirement of a harder surface or extra strength.

The whole thing is then painted and (if needed) mounted on a wooden base.

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