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I usually have a number of paintings "on the go" at any one time.

Click on an icon below to see examples of unfinished paintings


Progress shots of work now finished

My method of working is such, that I rarely use sketches or drawings to plan a painting,  but work straight on to the board or canvas.

I usually "scrub in" a rough composition (almost an abstract) and then I correct, adjust and refine by overpainting.

I continue doing this until I am happy with the painting.

This method allows for "happy accidents" which I willingly include in the painting, these "accidents" often take the picture in a completely different direction to the one I had in mind, making the act of painting, a voyage of discovery.

The pictures included below, hopefully illustrate my working method.



The painting below was photographed as it progressed giving a sequence of photos showing it's development.

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